Fitness Equipment


Trx suspension training

Lauren's favorite piece of equipment! Never miss a workout with this suspension system that provides a full body workout whether you are just beginning an exercise program or are a veteran in the gym.  Lauren brings it everywhere she goes! Attach it to a tree outside on vacation, at the park, or over the door or at the gym or home. You will love the total body workout you get with the TRX! 



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ZYIA Active

Looking for some CUTE workout clothes? This is your place! ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand. It is also a culture that believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight. We feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun with friends and family. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.


Teeki Yoga Pants

Dance to a different beat, stretch with the yogi, run to the highest peaks, hike in unexplored territories, and swim where the ocean becomes one. We are Teeki. We take water bottles and turn them into clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. We support you with your active lifestyle and adventures; yoga, gym, workout, surf, sports, dance, flow and constantly moving forward with your body, mind, and spirit.

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These are Lauren's go-to socks for athletic shoes. These no show socks feel like butter on your feet! And the best part? They won't slip down your heel while you moving! You have to try these!   



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Quality, dense nutrients to fuel your body

Our Promise

  • A system that works, and works well.

  • Science-backed ingredients and products.

  • High-quality, convenient nutrition for on the go lifestyles that are rigorously tested for safety.

  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.