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Eating Healthy for the Holidays

Creamy mashed potatoes, decadent pumpkin pies, casseroles galore – the holidays have a way of enticing the strongest of will to indulge in calorie-packed dishes. Despite Aunt Margie’s famous cake, there are ways to ensure you stay on track during the seasonal months. Check out a 8 tips on how to avoid those sugarplums that dance in your head, and keep the empty calories at bay. 

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Bridging the Gap

Diastasis Recti . . . mom pooch, mummy tummy. A buzzword you’ve probably seen scrolling through your newsfeed or heard a friend talking about. As a fitness professional who specializes in prenatal/postpartum women and pelvic floor dysfunction, this is a topic that every woman needs to know about – whether you are pregnant or your youngest is 50 years old. 

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