GET YOUr body back, mama.

With a new baby, getting to a fitness class can be difficult. Arranging childcare and giving yourself enough time to make it to a fitness class can prove to be a hard act to juggle with a squirming toddler who won't get in the car seat (we've all been there). But it is possible to have a little one and work towards a healthier you! With FitMama's Online Coaching, a workout regimen is tailored to your schedule with specific goals set in place to keep you motivated.


When you become a part of the Fit Mama's Tribe, you'll connect with Lauren and run through your schedule, goals, and have a fitness evaluation. A workout routine will be created that will fit your time restrictions and be scalable to all levels and safe for expecting and new mamas. So get ready have a quicker healing phase post baby and conquer your fitness goals!

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Base Trainer

Initial Consultation $65

$72 / Month

8 workouts per month

Fit Mama

Initial Consultation $65

$89/ Month

12 workouts per month


I went from a girl who hates to exercise to a girl who hates to miss class!  After losing 50lbs, Lauren has helped me shape and tone up and I have met some amazing women in the process.  I am thankful for Lauren everyday for helping me become a more fit mama!

Kate B, St Augustine


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