Featured Fit Mama of the Month

Sara is one of the ‘original’ Fit Mamas, as she attended the very FIRST Fit Mamas class when it was an outdoor stroller class at the...
Lauren Giles
April 27, 2022
Featured Fit Mama of the Month

Sara is one of the ‘original’ Fit Mamas, as she attended the very FIRST Fit Mamas class when it was an outdoor stroller class at the Lighthouse Park! We are excited to get a glimpse at her life as a mama and business owner this month as Fit Mama of the Month!

1. What is your favorite thing about motherhood?

One of the greatest gifts of being a mother is watching my two children love each other!  They are two huge parts of my heart and watching them play together and be kind to each other (most of the time!) warms my heart in ways that I can’t begin describe. Sometimes I hide so they can’t see me watching them play or read together because I love seeing the pure love they have for each other as they develop their lifelong friendship!

2. What is your favorite mom ‘hack’?

A saving grace for our family is having routines. I believe that having normal routines brings comfort and consistency to children’s lives which provide a sense of security and make for a calmer environment.  Completing these daily routines as a family creates a bond and teaches responsibility and independence as the children learn to complete some of the tasks themselves.  As a mother of two strong-willed children, I want them to feel empowered and independent so they are less likely to rebel.  

3. What do you and your family like to do in your free time?

We are an RV-camping family and love to (mostly) unplug and enjoy mother nature with our extended family.  We try to have a camping trip booked most months of the year all around Florida and southern Georgia.  We love camping where there is water for us to swim or kayak and we enjoy exploring hiking and nature trails.  It’s a great bonding time for the whole family and the perfect excuse to meet up with our parents and siblings who also get quality time in with our children.

4. How do you juggle homeschooling and owning your own Speech Language Pathology business?

Our family is busy and our days and weeks are pretty structured.   We have set days each week that are set aside for working on school work and going to community day with our homeschool co-op.  As for my private practice, I also have set days and times that I am available for clients and I keep a running list of business tasks to complete each day/week during my “office hours” from my home office.  My husband is my partner and team-teacher; we tackle the to-do lists together so that we can get all the homeschool work completed after dinner on the days that we both work and prepare for the next day.  He takes care of nightly routines some nights so that I can get business tasks completed.  

5. What do you love about being part of Fit Mamas?

Being a part of the Fit Mamas Tribe is about taking care of myself and doing that with a supportive, fun group of ladies who are going through the same day-to-day challenges of motherhood.  I always leave our workouts knowing that I’ve given my body (and mind) a much-needed push to help keep in tune with my body, reduce stress, and get better sleep at night.  I also believe it’s important to take time for myself and to show my children that it’s important that we take care of our bodies!

Thank you, Sara, for giving us a glimpse in your life with your family!

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