Tracy Robinson

Tracy Robinson

Yoga Teacher, Strength Coach, Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer


500hr Yoga Alliance Certified teacher (specializing in strength based Vinyasa), certified Paddleboard Yoga Instructor & ISSA certified Personal Trainer.

About Coach

From the beginning of her yoga journey, Tracy has always put emphasis on a strength-based practice. Often times yoga is seen as a very passive practice. She quickly learned that providing her students with the right tools while on their mat can not only allow them to be safe while they practice but they can feel empowered and strong in their bodies.

Turning Point

Tracy was stuck in an industry that was burning her out and making her feel depleted. In 2010 Tracy took her first yoga class and never looked back. It opened up a pathway for her to be able to follow her passion. Better herself and the lives around her. She’s always wanted a job that was not only sustainable but rewarding at the same time. After her yoga career took off, it allowed her the opportunity to get certified as a personal trainer. For her, the two worlds work hand in hand.

Motivation & Passion

Tracy loves to creative a space of empowerment & self love. It’s so important for us to take time for ourselves, no matter what that activity is. You’ll leave Tracy’s classes feeler stronger and more connected.

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